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The world can be a dangerous place. If you find yourself needing expertise and discretion that law enforcement cannot provide, or technical surveillance that local security simply can't touch, Rock Security Services is ready. We provide the highest level of protection and investigative services, combining the most skilled investigators with the latest in technical innovation.

We assist our clients with investigative services, including domestic and private investigation, criminal investigations, technical audio and video surveillance, infidelity investigations, and more. Rock Security Services is a fully-insured professional investigation agency licensed by the North Carolina Private Protection Services board, and a member of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators.

Our wealth of experience in the security and asset protection business has let us encounter and defend clients against nearly any type of threat imaginable. We continually strive to provide clients of Rock Security Services with the highest standard of professional, confidential investigative services, surveillance services, and unrivaled executive protection.

At Rock Security Services, we not only provide the highest level of investigative and security services, we do it all at a reasonable price to keep our expertise within reach for any client. Our entire team has the experience necessary to suit our clients' needs, from our investigators and specialists to each and every one of our protection agents. Our support staff is available for our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions and address any concerns they may have, providing protection and peace of mind they can trust.

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Our Expertise

  • Asset Protection
  • Private Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Technical Surveillance

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