Adultery & Infidelity

Adultery & Infidelity

What would you do if you suspected your partner was cheating?

Learning that your partner or spouse is being unfaithful can be a crushing event in anyone's life. Cheating partners may suddenly become distracted in the relationship and can appear disinterested in regular home life. Would you recognize all the signs of a cheating spouse?

If it appears that your spouse is suddenly spending more time away from home, seeming to avoid you or the children or even the home life as a whole, this could be a sign that they are being unfaithful. Other signs of a cheating spouse could be a sudden decrease in sexual interest, or a realization that they are pulling back from you sexually. If your spouse would normally communicate throughout the day, but has recently become unavailable more often while at work or away from the house, or doesn't return phone calls or text messages in a usual timely fashion, these could also be signs of your spouse cheating.

It can often be easy to recognize the signs of an unfaithful spouse. A cheating spouse may begin leaving the room to take phone calls, or may use their computer alone or in secret, quickly shutting it down or changing screens when you enter the room. An increase in attending outside functions without inviting you, or intentionally neglecting to mention an upcoming function could also signal infidelity. Unfortunately, while the signs may seem obvious to an outsider, our own hearts and feelings may make it difficult to recognize the signs in our own spouse.

Even more subtle signs, such as joining a new gym or changing their appearance when they hadn't before, without drawing attention to these new changes, could also signal an issue in the relationship. Everyone knows to look for things such as the scent of someone else's perfume or cologne on your spouse's person or clothing, but another sign could be changes in how or where they do their laundry in an effort to disguise infidelity. If your spouse has suddenly begun to carry extra cash when they hadn't before, this could be an indication that they are trusting on the unaccountability of cash transactions. Unexpected or unexplained charges on a debit or credit card can also mean a person is being unfaithful.

In today's society of increased text messaging, your partner may be communicating silently with someone else, trusting they can delete the messages to keep their relationship a secret. Sudden deleted emails, a new email address, or a spike in text messaging can also be a sign that your partner is being unfaithful.

At Rock Security Enforcement Task Force, we know all the things to look for in an unfaithful partner. We are licensed and trained in private investigation, and we have the ability to monitor and follow a potentially cheating spouse, something that is typically illegal for an average person. There are many ways to hide a secret relationship, but we have many ways to catch a cheating spouse. Call Rock Security Enforcement Task Force today to arrange a private and confidential consultation, and we can help you find out if these changes in your partner's activity are just a harmless coincidence, or if they are signs of a pending revelation. We can help you be prepared in case the worst is true.

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