Additional Services

Additional Services

Rock Security Enforcement Task Force offers a number of different investigative services to meet the needs of our clients. As a full service investigative and security group, we combine our multiple assets of experience, access, contacts, and professionalism to satisfy each and every client.

Public Records Search

Rock Security Enforcement Task Force has unrivaled access to a variety of database resources, and can provide an in-depth public records search. Beyond simply searching information in an online database, we combine multiple sources of information to locate what our clients need, and we regularly tackle the often daunting task of compiling information from the myriad of records maintained at public expense. Court records, property records, business filings, statistics, and more are essential to a complete investigation, and we take care of navigating these complex resources.

Service of Process

If you are in a situation where you must serve an individual with legal papers, you may have already tried a regular process server. If the subject has moved or is being evasive, you could be stuck wondering how to take the next step. Here at Rock Security Enforcement Task Force, our professional investigators are unrivaled in their expertise at the sometimes difficult task of process service. Our investigators will go above and beyond, using all our resources to locate the subject and serve process whether they are attempting to avoid or elude service, or if they have moved to the most remote of locations. We specialize in serving process to those subjects that are difficult to locate for any reason.

Employee Sabotage

Although it is unfortunate, at some point almost every business or organization will become a victim of sabotage. Whether internally from an employee, or from an external source such as a competitor, vendor, or outside service provider. If someone stands to profit from your loss, there is always a risk they could cross a legal or ethical line. Some sabotage may be difficult to detect, such as ongoing but small-scale embezzlement. Even if this sabotage is detected, without the help of a competent and professional investigative group such as Rock Security Enforcement Task Force, this sabotage can be almost impossible to prove. The damage that such a scenario can cause to your business may appear small, but can have enormous negative results including financial loss, decreased morale, tarnished reputation, and diminished consumer confidence. Rock Security Enforcement Task Force is certified with Homeland Security and Anti-Sabotage.

Harassment and Stalking Investigations

In today's society, harassment and stalking are overwhelmingly commonplace. These cases can often be difficult to prove, and even with overwhelming evidence they can often be disregarded by law enforcement, leaving many individuals to deal personally with this type of abuse. Thanks to the difficulties in getting necessary legal action in cases of stalking or harassment, many individuals will endure the abuse until the problem becomes too serious, or until it is simply too late. Rock Security Enforcement Task Force has experience dealing with hostile individuals in cases of stalking and harassment, and our professionals are ready to help you before the danger escalates and spins out of control.

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