Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation

In today's society, false allegations are alarmingly common. Though prosecutors and law enforcement have the best intentions of protecting the public from crimes, they are also human and can make mistakes or get drawn in by false allegations. If a false accusation has impacted yourself or a family member, do you know where to turn for help?

Rock Security Enforcement Task Force maintains an expertly trained team of special criminal investigators. Working closely with your attorneys, our team will gather a complete understanding of their litigation or defense strategy to determine the best approach for building an effective legal case, and take clear and decisive actions to support your case or lawsuit. Whether interviewing potential witnesses for evidence or taking depositions, our experienced private investigators have all the necessary training and expertise to gather and record all the evidence and testimony to assist your legal team.

When your life or the life of a loved one hangs in the balance, Rock Security Enforcement Task Force can make the crucial difference between winning and losing your case. Our investigative process can be instrumental in establishing the facts of your case, and by forming a partnership with your legal representation we provide legal support services to increase your chance of a positive outcome.

If you need assistance from the very first step, Rock Security Enforcement Task Force can provide you with information and advice on hiring the appropriate legal firm specializing in your area of need, from Civil to Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law, or Corporate Litigation. We can also provide consultation and expert witness testimony in civil and criminal trials pertaining to our services of corporate security and investigations.

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