Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

As part of many investigations, such as marital infidelity, child support, workers' compensation, or fraud, there is often a digital "paper trail" left behind of an individual's activities. Because this is well-known, when some individuals learn of an investigation, their first instinct is to delete files, erase messages, clear browsing histories, and take various steps to cover their tracks.

In some instances, an investigation may catch a person by surprise before they can wipe out digital information. When this happens, finding the necessary data to complete an investigation may be simple and straight-forward. However, when someone becomes suspicious, as many cheating partners or criminals may be, they could continually erase or hide the data necessary to investigate.

At Rock Security Enforcement Task Force, our investigators are highly skilled and experienced at Computer Forensics. This branch of digital forensic science pertains to legal evidence found in computers and on digital storage media, and the process of examining media in a forensically sound manner to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present facts and opinions about the data recovered. Our Computer Forensics team can securely collect any suspect data during an investigation, and examine its contents for the purpose of the investigation.

Rock Security Enforcement Task Force's dedicated Computer Forensics team provides services including data recovery, instant and email message recovery, virus detection and removal, pornography detection (whether overt or hidden among file structures), email route tracing, intrusion detection and prevention for both computers and networks, internet browsing history examination, and more. We are able to provide this service for laptops, desktop computers, storage such as memory/media cards, network servers, digital cameras, smartphones like the iPhone, and nearly every form of media and data storage device.

If you require computer forensics as part of an overall investigation, contact Rock Security Enforcement Task Force today to begin the process of preserving the digital evidence that you need.

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